Audio: Contatti 1 Italian Beginner's Course

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Audio: Contatti 1 Italian Beginner's Course

Third Edition

Mariolina Freeth, Giuliana Checketts


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This is the audio content accompanying Contatti 1 Italian Beginner's Course, Third Edition. The coursebook is available to purchase from most book retailers. You will require the book to get the most out of this audio. Note that this purchase of the audio does not include a copy of physical CDs.

After purchase, the audio will be available to download to the John Murray Languages Library app, or to stream on

Use the audio in conjunction with the Support Book, which contains a key to the exercises and recording transcripts. You can access the free Support Book via the John Murray Languages Library app, or download it at


What is Contatti?

Contatti, the best-selling Italian course for adult beginners, is aimed at those wishing to learn Italian from scratch in a classroom environment.

Contatti 1 ;is the first part of this two-stage Italian course for adult learners who are either starting from scratch or have a basic knowledge of the language. Whether learning for work or pleasure, Contatti gives a thorough grounding in the language enabling learners to speak, read, write and understand contemporary Italian.

Where does the audio fit within the Contatti 1 Range?

Coursebook (9781444133141): The primary text for the ;Contatti 1 ;course. Includes 14 thematic lessons and covers the skills and structures required at GCSE level and equivalent.

Course Pack (9781444133134): Contatti 1 ;Coursebook Contatti 1 ;Audio and Support Book Pack. The Course Pack contains:
- 1 copy of the third edition of the Coursebook
- 3 audio CDs (3 hours of recordings)
- 2 Support Books containing a key to the exercises and recording transcripts.

Activity Book (978144139363): Supplementary to the Coursebook or Course Pack. The activity book is a workbook providing stimulating practice material which complements the tasks presented in the Contatti 1 Coursebook. Activities include word searches, crosswords, cultural quizzes, extra reading and comprehension tasks, and gap filling conjugation exercises.

What will I learn with the Contatti 1 range?

Key language structures
Contatti 1, the first part of the course, introduces the key structures of the language over 14 thematic lessons with the emphasis placed firmly on communication.

Vocabulary and grammar
From the outset, a realistic range of registers and vocabulary encourage development of the essential skill of comprehension. There are regular opportunities for revision and consolidation, and vocabulary and grammar support are given both at the end of each lesson and in full at the end of the book.

GCSE level material
It covers the skills and structures required at GCSE level and similar.

Culture and skills for daily life
This third edition has been brought completely up to date, with particular attention paid to improving and simplifying the explanations of grammar and language structure.

How will I learn with the Contatti 1 range?

Authentic reading and listening material
Authentic reading and listening materials are used extensively for a wide range of lively activities based on everyday situations in Italy.

Group work and independent study
Contatti 1 is ideal for group work but can also be used for individual study.

Audio support and additional material
The Course pack includes a coursebook fully illustrated in colour, 2 audio CDs containing the listening element of the course and a support booklet with all the answers to the exercises together with recording transcripts.

What is new in the third edition?

Improvements and additions
The new edition has improvements and additions based on ideas and feedback from tutors across the country. There is also now simple navigation between the book and audio, with clearly marked references in the coursebook.


Mariolina Freeth:
Mariolina Freeth lectures at Kingsway College and is a former Lecturer in Italian, Queen Mary College (University of London) Language Centre.

Giuliana Checketts lectures in Italian at Thames Valley University, London.



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