Adult Language Courses SAMPLE MATERIAL

Adult Language Courses SAMPLE MATERIAL



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Sample Material for our Spanish, German, French and Italian courses.

  • Pasos 1: Spanish Beginner’s Course (4th edition) -- Unit 12
  • Pasos 2: Spanish Intermediate Course (4th edition) -- Unit 2
  • Willkommen! 1 Third edition German Beginner’s Course (3rd edition) -- Unit 5
  • Willkommen! 2 German Intermediate Course (1st edition) -- Unit 7
  • Façon de Parler 1: French for Beginners (6th edition) -- Unit 5
  • Façon de Parler 2: Intermediate French (5th edition) -- Unit 3
  • Contatti 1: Italian Beginner’s Course (3rd edition) -- Unit 9
  • Contatti 2: Italian Intermediate Course (2nd edition) -- Unit 5

You will be able to access this title online, or download it to the John Murray Languages Library app. Please note you will not be able to save the files to your computer.

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