Video: Willkommen! 2

Video: Willkommen! 2

German Intermediate course (1st edition)

Heiner Schenke


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This is the video material to accompany Willkommen! 2: German Intermediate Course. This audio and video set contains all the dialogues and listening activities included in the coursebook plus video content building on the real-life German used in the course.

To use this material, you will also need Willkommen! 2: German Intermediate Course Coursebook.

Two support booklets with transcripts of the audio and video recordings and answers to the exercises in the coursebook, along with a comprehensive glossary, are available for free as part of the Willkommen! 2: Free Resources.

Willkommen! 2 is a best-selling, multi-format adult learning programme for classroom and home use. Fully revised and updated for this new edition, the course takes your learning further with a fully integrated book, audio and video-based approach that will get you speaking, reading, writing and understanding German with accuracy and confidence.

The course includes a coursebook, activity book, and audio and video, available in various formats:

Willkommen! 2 German Intermediate course: Coursebook 9781471805158
The primary text for the course.

Willkommen! 2 German Intermediate course: Activity Book 9781444165203
A workbook containing further practice activities to complement the material presented in the coursebook.

Willkommen! 2 German Intermediate course Audio 978147805158
The audio component of the course.

Willkommen! 2 German Intermediate course: Video 9781529373271
The video component of the course.

You will be able to access this title online, or download it to the John Murray Languages app. Please note you will not be able to save the files to your computer.


Heiner Schenke:
Heiner Schenke was born in Hanover and is a native speaker of German. He has taught at university level for many years and is Director of the institution-wide language programme at the University of Westminster in London. He is the co-author of the Willkommen! course as well as several other self-study German books.